Members-Only Area

We have a members resources section of our website that we're filling up with books and videos. If you're already a registered member login here. If not, you'll find how to join and get access here.

"The Book"

Jodo Canada keeps a small stock of the All Japan Kendo Federation Jodo Manual.

They are generally available at Canadian Jodo events when Pam Morgan is there, however you may wish to RSVP a copy.

If you wish us to send you one or more, or have one brought to a seminar for you, contact Jodo Canada.

$20 each (+ $5, if mailed within Canada) - funds go to support Jodo Canada.

If you want to order directly from the All Japan Kendo Federation (ie. a large quantity or with other items) you can do so here (ignore the publication date).

SDK Supplies has been supplying Canadian Jodoka and martial artists for decades.

They have standard jo and bokuto, various jodo books and manuals and wonderful one of a kind exotic wood weapons. Their site also has some free resources, and they've donated some materials to the Members-Only section.

Click the logo to browse their site.

New to Jodo?

Join Jodo Canada and we'll send a "forgetful" sensei to run an introductory seminar at your dojo. Your forgetful sensei will leave behind two jo and two bokuto as a starter kit.