Jodo Canada offers Jodo gradings for the following ranks: 4kyu, 3kyu, 2kyu. Check Events for scheduled gradings.

If you wish to challenge a grading please fill out this form: Grading Registration Form

The minimum requirements for these ranks are as follows:

Requirements to hold a Jodo Canada grading:

  • the challengers must be members of Jodo Canada (they can become members at or before the grading)

  • a panel of approved judges (generally, at least 3 persons holding kendo federation rank of 2 dan or higher)

  • approval to hold a grading from the Jodo Canada executive committee, preferably in advance (contact Jodo Canada)

  • any fees collected must be remitted to Jodo Canada

To pay grading fees online see the Payments section of the Membership page. Please add a note to the payment to indicate what it is for.