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Jodo Canada Statement of Purpose

Jodo Canada is dedicated to promoting the Japanese art of Jodo.

This goal is accomplished through the following activities:

  • Education in the art of Jodo within Canada and where requested through the provision of instructors, providing instructional materials and facilitating the connection of new students to existing centers of instruction.

  • Facilitating the education of higher level practitioners through seminars presented by higher level instructors.

  • Providing a method of communication between the various members of the organization.

  • Building awareness of the art through a website and other advertising efforts as appropriate.

  • Providing grading opportunities for those entering the art and facilitating higher level opportunities where required.

  • Raising of funds for the various activities outlined above.

Pam Morgan, Fall 2009

Jodo Canada Executive Committee

President - Eric Tribe

Vice President - Maya Wilson

Secretary - Rhona-Mae Arca

Treasurer - Pam Morgan

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