The next scheduled workshops with Tribe sensei will focus on Omote and be held on January 29 and February 12 from 1pm to 3pm EST.

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The recordings from the sessions are available in the Members-Only Area.

We hope to do more webinars and other events. These will be announced to members and added to our calendar, found here, as details become available.

The workshops will be held via Zoom. Meeting ID: 810 0273 4001 - Password: 813513

We ask that anyone who participates in Jodo Canada seminars or workshops to become a member, renew their membership and/or make a donation. Go to the Membership page for information on becoming a member and making a payment.

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Notes on Zoom Seminar Etiquette:

Meetings will open at least 10 mins prior to the start of class with the hope of starting on time.

The same meeting ID and link will be used for everything. All classes, the grading and the after parties.

Each participant has the option to pin the video of whomever they wish in order to see it only. Spotlighting of the instructor will be used when possible.

We ask that all participants remain muted during class unless they are speaking. You can unmute yourself temporarily by holding down the space bar. When possible, please use the text chat function to ask questions.

If you are not physically practicing, please leave your video off so sensei can see those that are more easily.

Spectator participants will be permitted in the grading, but will be required to turn of their video and remain muted while the grading is going on.